Client Testimonial

Alan helped me prepare for my admission interviews….I was accepted by two top American dental schools.

My name is Dr. Shawn Q. Tran, and I was trained as a dentist in Vietnam. In 2002, I moved to the U.S., got married, became a father, and began to study English. Since then, I have dreamed daily of becoming an American DDS, and English was the most important key to opening the door for me to return my career.

This past year I took the dental school admission exam and applied to three dental schools. My grades and test scores were very good, but I was worried about my communication skills. In the application process, the personal statement was my biggest challenge.

Professor Headbloom not only helped me with my grammar, but also he helped me to shorten and clarify my ideas. He also helped prepare me for my admission interviews, teaching me how to be myself and to answer concisely possible interview questions. He corrected my pronunciation based on phonetics and linking words. He not only taught me language skills (like speaking, listening comprehension, and vocabulary), but also he taught me about American culture, conversation style, and expectations.

Thanks to (Alan), I was accepted by two of the three American dental schools I applied to and was wait-listed at the third. My vision, after I graduate with my American DDS, is to take volunteer teams of American dentists to Vietnam to train dentists in modern dental techniques.

I would like to thank Alan Headbloom very much for his contribution to my profession.

- Dr Shawn Tran, Vietnam, Dentist

Dr. Shawn Tran, Vietnam