Testimonials from Clients

I’m having several phone interviews [for jobs] and … absolutely every person I spoke to on the phone was impressed and congratulated me on my English, so THANK YOU, ALAN!!! I owe you!!!
Carla Antola, Argentina, Family Medicine Resident

What I gained from working with Alan was building my confidence around speaking and writing in English. It definitely became a key factor in my successes at work. Also all I learned from Alan about the American culture helped me to understand the surrounding context, which helped me to shape and deliver messages, both in my personal and professional life.
Georgete Pereira, Brazil, Communications Manager

I see the differences in my comfort in everyday situations: supermarkets, conferences, meetings, on the phone, and in personal conversations. As I am feeling comfortable with my language skills, I find myself asking more questions during meetings, even in front of people.
Young-Sam Kim, Korea, Science & Technology Researcher

All my training with Alan has been tailored to my needs. It’s been a super, super experience. I would recommend him to anyone working in the international arena.
Manoel Borges, Brazil, Global Purchasing Manager

I know that if a joke needs to be explained, it is not funny. Recently, Alan shared some puns with me. Puns are funny, based on double meetings of one word. Even though some of them were not clear to me, I enjoyed many of them. I feel I have made lots of progress in understanding this level of English.
Aki Shirahata, Japan, Science & Technology Manager

I wish I had done this type of training 10 years ago.
Z.A., Syria, Physician

In my area, you often need to detect and articulate ideas beyond the facts. Through the lessons, I’ve obtained extensive English skills to accomplish those nuances.
Masahiko Katoh, Japan, Global Marketing Manager

Aside from learning new vocabulary and improving my grammar, I have learned the importance of placing stress on words in order to have better pronunciation. I’ve also learned something about American culture, which makes my integration into the country easier.
Dina Glore, Belgium, Interior Architect

The single most important benefit I derived from this program was being able to pronounce words correctly and learning how to link words together within a phrase.
L.F., China, Chemical Engineer

Mr. Manoel Borges, Brazil
Global Purchasing Manager