Coaching Services

Elevate the cross-cultural communication skills of your professional staff.

My specialty is helping American and foreign-born co-workers achieve greater workplace harmony and productivity. For all who have had the experience of being a “fish out of water,” I can help you feel like you belong.

The following is a list of available coaching services.
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Diagnostic Service
Assessment of speaking skills, writing effectiveness, presentation style, vocabulary power, or pronunciation accuracy. Afterwards, I create an individualized program to make communication more powerful, accurate, and confident.

Job Shadowing
As a silent participant in meetings and conference calls*, I monitor the language and comprehension of both clients and their co-workers to assess gaps in communication and understanding. This option includes assessment of your presentations, your work environment, and interaction with co-workers. (*With permission of your supervisor and team members.)

Website Analysis and Editing
Assessment of your current webpages according to your company’s unique persona and goals. Correcting or revising content to fit the company’s style and message.

10-Week Coaching Program
Based on a diagnostic assessment, I meet with clients one on one to work on the key areas of communication which are holding them back from achieving what they want in their career.

Corporate Engagements
After discussion with department leaders or HR managers, training seminars can be offered to your work team on a one-time or a regular basis.

Interview Preparation
I can help individuals stay calm and focused for important interviews by discussing objectives and practicing the interview situation through videotaped role play and one-on-one coaching.

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Dr. Young-Sam Kim, Korea
Science & Technology Researcher