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2012 Multi-Cultural Wish List
As the year 2011 winds down, many media outlets choose to look at the highlights of the year gone by. Instead, our friends Skot and Rick asked us to share our wishes for the coming year.

Here, Dr. Rik Stevenson and I each share our three fondest wishes for 2012 in two sound files on Radio in Black & White.

Part 1: wishlist1.mp3

Part 2: wishlist2.mp3

image Rev. Dr. Rik Stevenson

  • Participate in Grand Rapids’ 2012 Year of Interfaith Understanding
  • Return basic respect to the Office of the Presidency
  • Remove the words “colorblind” and “post-racial” from our vocabularies
  • Challenge the education system to better educate our children of color
  • Begin to mix our personal and professional circles with intentionality
  • Stop putting so many of our citizens into jail, and put them back in school

image image

Alan Headbloom