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In the U.S., there are two big events in April: the religious holiday of Easter and the start of the sport of baseball. See how much you know about these traditions.


1. Easter Sunday occurs _____ every year.
a. in the first week of April
b. in the second week of April
c. in the third week of April
d. on different dates, which vary

2. According to the Bible, Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, and people put palm branches in the streets to _____ him.
a. welcome
b. try to stop
c. sell to
d. warn

3. The week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday is called _____.
a. the Week of Palms
b. Holy Week
c. Jerusalem Week
d. the Week of Good News

4. Good Friday, which occurs two days before Easter, is the anniversary of the _____ of Jesus in Jerusalem.
a. imprisonment
b. arrival
c. crucifixion
d. goodness

5. According to the Bible, Jesus’ body was put in a burial cave, but when his friends came to visit the site _____ later, they were told by an angel that Jesus was gone to heaven.
a. three hours
b. three days
c. three weeks
d. three months

6. Easter is the most important of all Christian holidays because of its symbolism of _____.
a. death
b. life after death
c. world peace
d. forgiveness of one’s enemies

7. On Easter Sunday, many Christians in the U.S. _____.
a. wear special clothing to church
b. give baskets of eggs and candy to their loved ones
c. eat a special meal with family members
d. all of the above

8. People decorate the shells of hard-boiled eggs and give chocolate eggs as gifts because eggs are a symbol of _____.
a. holiness
b. the moon at Easter time
c. new life
d. Jesus’ favorite food

9. Children often receive Easter _____ containing jelly beans, chocolate eggs, toy chicks, and dyed eggs.
a. baskets
b. packages
c. sacks
d. backpacks


1. The game of baseball is called America’s _____.
a. pastime
b. sport
c. grand outdoor game
d. pastoral luxury

2. The game of baseball is played with _____ defensive players on the field at the same time.
a. 6
b. 7
c. 9
d. 11

3. In baseball, a game is played _____.
a. for 3 hours
b. for 4 quarters
c. for nine innings (or more if the game is tied)
d. until dark

4. A baseball field is called a ball _____.
a. park
b. pitch
c. gridiron
d. rink

5. The four bases are arranged in a _____ pattern.
a. circular
b. square
c. diamond
d. rectangular

6. For an offensive player to score a _____, he or she must touch all four bases.
a. point
b. touchdown
c. goal
d. run

7. If the batter misses the pitched ball three times, he/she is _____.
a. eliminated
b. out
c. safe
d. substituted

8. A batter is awarded a home run if the batted ball _____.
a. flies over the fence in fair territory
b. bounces over the fence in foul territory
c. touches the fence
d. hits home base

9. A half-inning is defined as _____.
a. the period during which the home team makes three outs
b. the period during which the visiting team makes three outs
c. the period during which both teams make three outs
d. either a. or b.

10. In the middle of the 7th inning, fans are invited to _____.
a. stand up and stretch
b. use the restrooms or buy some snacks
c. sing the song, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”
d. all of the above

11. Professional “boys of summer” play baseball _____.
a. all summer long
b. even in the rain
c. from April through October
d. only in outdoor stadiums


1. d. on different dates, which vary
2. a. welcome
3. b. Holy Week
4. c. crucifixion
5. b. three days
6. b. life after death
7. d. all of the above
8. c. new life
9. a. baskets

1. a. pastime
2. c. 9
3. c. for nine innings (or more if the game is tied)
4. a. park
5. c. diamond
6. d. run
7. b. out
8. a. flies over the fence in fair territory
9. d. either a. or b.
10. d. all of the above
11. c. from April through October

Alan Headbloom