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Pronunciation Diagnostic Screening
Read aloud Sections A & B naturally and comfortably. Preview the readings first so that there are no surprises. Then, answer aloud the questions in Section C.

A. Sentence Reading

The seven hungry children ate ten cheeseburgers, eighteen orders of French Fries, six dishes of ice cream, and drank eleven glasses of chocolate milk.

My cousin, who is a singer, usually enjoys watching nine or ten television shows every week.

The little girl picked up her purse, walked down the street to the bus stop, and waited for the Number Ten bus to town.

My brother, who is a doctor, found one hundred dollars under the mat in the taxi cab.

Over three thousand books for the vocabulary classes arrived without any front covers.

My five younger brothers, who are all lawyers, joined together and opened a law office in Detroit last year.

B. Paragraph Reading

In April 1912, the ship Titanic hit an iceberg off the coast of Canada. Fifteen hundred people drowned in the icy cold waters of the North Atlantic. As a direct result of this tragedy, the International Ice Patrol was organized. It monitors icebergs and reports any which move into the shipping lanes of the North Atlantic. Since the beginning of the International Ice Patrol, the tragedy of the Titanic has not been repeated; not a single life has been lost through collision with icebergs.

C. Personal Questions

Tell me about your current job, including daily tasks and responsibilities.

What is your favorite aspect of this job? What makes it a pleasure to go to work every day?

On the flip side, what is hard about your job? What makes your work difficult or frustrating?

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what career would you like to have chosen? Why?

Alan Headbloom