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Fighting Racism, Helping Foreigners Fit In
Earlier this week, Michigan Public Radio aired an interview I recorded with morning host Christina Shockley, who is doing a series on people seeking to make positive changes in the state of Michigan. Here is a link to that interview.

The interview is introduced as follows.

As we continue our Seeking Change series, Michigan Radio’s Christina Shockley speaks with Alan Headbloom, founder of Headbloom Cross-Cultural Communication. The business helps foreign workers learn the nuances of English and American culture to help them get along in the workplace. And, an offshoot of his work is helping businesses tackle racism.

Below is a list of potentially unfamiliar words for you to prepare your listening.

  • an offshoot = something which grows out of another effort or project
  • golly = informal for “gosh” (both euphemisms for “God” )
  • pasty = white as paste
  • monoculture = having just one culture, not being diverse
  • Institute for Healing Racism = A training program that examines the history of race relations in the United States, the still-present legacy of historical racism, and how we can start to un-do it.
  • incumbent on = requirement of, responsibility for
  • do the heavy lifting = take the heaviest part of the burden
  • inequity = inequality, lack of fairness
  • work his way up = move up from a lower position
  • from nothing = from the bottom, from a low position
  • up to speed = current, up to date, caught up, modern
  • ramp up = get going, improve
  • deflect/devalue (that experience) = to not accept, to not believe
  • empathy = feeling of understanding because you have similar experiences [compare with “sympathy” ]
  • sympathy = feeling bad (for another person)

image from Michigan Public Radio

Alan Headbloom