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In the U.S., there is one major holiday in July: Independence Day. See how much you know about the traditions surrounding this holiday. (Answers are below.)

Independence Day

1. U.S. Independence Day takes place on the ____ of July.
a. first Monday
b. first
c. third
d. fourth

2. The first weekend in July is celebrated with fireworks in both Detroit, MI and Windsor, ONT because _____.
a. the two cities are separated by only a river
b. Canada celebrates its independence from Britain on July 1
c. England sends a government representative there for the weekend
d. Canada is seen as a 51st state and is invited to join in the celebration

3. Independence from Britain was first ____ in 1776.
a. celebrated in Boston
b. planned in New York
c. declared
d. granted by Britain

4. It wasn’t until ____, that the Star-Spangled Banner became recognized as the national anthem of the U.S. by the national Congress.
a. 1867
b. 1899
c. 1916
d. 1931

5. A common Independence Day gift is _____.
a. cards with pictures of George Washington
b. fried chicken
c. any article of clothing with red, white, and blue
d. nothing

6. Independence Day is celebrated by _____.
a. relaxing
b. watching parades and flying the flag
c. having a barbeque or picnic
d. any of the above


Independence Day
1. d. fourth
2. b. Canada celebrates independence from Britain on July 1
3. c. declared
4. d. 1931
5. d. nothing
6. d. any of the above

Alan Headbloom