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Football fever
In the U.S., fans and players alike are gearing up for the fall sport of (American) football. See how much you know about this sport.

There are no official holidays in August. At this time, American families are scurrying to get in their last vacations before school starts the end of August or the first week of September. College students are preparing to return to fall classes after summer jobs and vacations. School children accompany their parents on shopping trips to buy new clothing and supplies for the upcoming school year. Sports enthusiasts cheer on their favorite baseball teams as the hot summer bears down and playoff contenders move toward the critical and competitive month of September.
For sports fans who have grown tired of baseball (or whose team has no chance of reaching the playoffs), football fever is now taking hold. This game is probably least understood of the four major American sports. To test your knowledge of this sport, take the quiz below. (Answers are given at the bottom of the page.)

American Football

1. In international football (called “soccer” in the U.S.), only goalies can use their hands to touch the ball. In American football, only the ____ will use their feet to touch the ball.
a. quarterbacks
b. punter and kicker
c. linebackers
d. cornerbacks

2. American football is most closely related to this sport: ____.
a. rugby
b. cricket
c. hockey
d. lacrosse

3. The only other nation with a pro football league is ____.
a. Japan
b. England
c. the Netherlands
d. Canada

4. The teams from #3 above use the same rules as American football with this exception: ____.
a. a wider field
b. an additional player on the field
c. one fewer offensive down per series
d. all of the above

5. The way the offensive team retains possession of the football is to ____.
a. kick the ball
b. call a time-out
c. get first downs
d. pass the ball to the safety

6. If an offensive player drops the ball while running with it, this is called a ____.
a. fumble
b. safety
c. punt
d. penalty

7. In order to be awarded a first down, the offense must advance the ball a minimum of ____ yards.
a. five
b. ten
c. twenty
d. twenty-five

8. The offense can achieve a first down by running the ball, by passing the ball, or by ____.
a. an injury
b. a time-out
c. a penalty to the defensive team
d. kicking the ball

9. Crossing the goal line with the football scores ____ point(s) for the team with the ball.
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 6

10. A successful point-after-touchdown (PAT) is achieved by ____ the ball over the crossbar of the goal post.
a. kicking
b. throwing
c. punting
d. handing

11. The defensive team can take possession of the football if the offensive team ____.
a. fumbles
b. throws an interception
c. fails to advance the ball 10 yards on four attempts
d. any of the above

12. Referees are sometimes called zebras because they ____.
a. need to run as fast as the players
b. wear shirts with black and white stripes
c. blow whistles which sound like zebras
d. all of the above

13. High school football teams play ____ games per season.
a. 8-12
b. 12-14
c. 14-16
d. 16-20

14. Fans arrive hours before the start of the football games to have ____ parties where they barbecue, eat, drink, and talk about football.
a. cheerleader
b. locker room
c. tailgate
d. bleacher

15. The largest U.S. football stadium holds 110,000 fans in ____.
a. Ann Arbor, MI
b. Columbus, OH
c. Los Angeles, CA
d. Miami, FL

1. b. punter and kicker
2. a. rugby
3. d. Canada
4. d. all of the above
5. c. get first downs
6. a. fumble
7. b. ten
8. c. a penalty to the defensive team
9. d. 6
10. a. kicking
11. d. any of the above
12. b. wear shirts with black and white stripes
13. a. 8-12
14. c. tailgate
15. a. Ann Arbor, MI (the University of Michigan Wolverines)

Alan Headbloom